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Learning Docker Step by Step

Beginners tutorial for Docker. Beginner tutorial for Docker1 Dockerizing An Application using Git, Jenkins and Docker. Docker Compose | Containerizing MEAN Stack Application Docker Swarm

Understanding SOAP and REST Web Services in Videos

Here are two quick videos to show how SOAP and REST web services work. You can watch all the video series here. Here is the restful api videos.

A Beginner’s Guide Videos for Chef Basic Tutorials

I’m new to chef. So, I’ve started learning chef and in the meanwhile, I am listing out the best videos that helped me learn check. Chef Basics Videos for Beginners. Chef comes in really handy if you want to automate multiple servers on a go. Here is a quick short video from Chef youtube channel that will describe you what … Continue reading

Amazon AWS Reserved Instances Basic Tutorial

Here are some helpful videos that will help you get started with Amazon AWS reserved instances. We have also posted some basic tutorials on aws cli and aws opsworks tutorials. The video below talks about purchasing the reserved instances from the amazon ec2 dashboard.


I’ve started working on AMAZON AWS CLI, and here is a tutorial that I have created based on my understanding and requirement. I have Amazon AWC Cli command to show details of all ec2 instances running. aws ec2 describe-instances Amazon AWC Cli command to show details of specific instance. aws ec2 describe-instances –instance-ids i-1a2b3c4d Amazon AWC Cli command to show … Continue reading