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Amazon EC2 Services | Why Cloud Computing

Amazon EC2 Services

After a long wait, in fact a very long wait, I finally managed to get my own (personal) amazon aws account. I am so excited about having this aws account and therefore my passion for cloud computing has now doubled. The first thing I checked right after getting my aws account, was ofcourse, the amazon EC2 Services. Its obvious just because I was involved in creating a similar app for my company to manage our company’s private cloud. If you are a developer, then you may understand how excited I am right now.

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I am creating this article as a reference to my understanding of amazon EC2 services. If you are a beginner or if you have moderate understanding of things in cloud computing enviroment, then you should find this article really helpful. So, let’s jump into this and understand what amazon ec2 services really mean.

What is Amazon EC2 Service ?

Now, that’s one of the most obvious questions most beginners have in their mind about amazon ec2. You may find lot of definitions about the same out there on the internet, but I will try to explain things in a little simpler way.

Suppose you have an application that you want to test on a server and the server access is need for just 2 to 3 people to test it. In this case, you may need a server with very minimum specifications. So, buying or renting a real physical server for such applications is costly and time consuming. But with Amazon EC2 Services, you can create a simple micro instance (virtual machine with minimum specifications) very quickly for a very low price. The biggest advantage of using amazon ec2 cloud is that you pay for what you use.

Being said that, amazon ec2 can also handle fairly large applications using virtual machines with higher specifications. You can checkout the amazon instance types to understand the varieties of the server specifications amazon offers. You can choose larger instance type that suits your application and start running it on amazon servers.

If you think that your application is quite large then amazon has introduced a new instance type called “High I/O Quadruple Extra Large Instance” which can handle larger applications. The new instance can also handle nosql databases like cassandra and mangodb.

Share our stuff and help us grow. Need help to create something new or fix something old? Contact us to know if we can help 🙂

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