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Cloud Computing Basics Tutorial | Why Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Basics Tutorial

When I started this blog, people around me (non-tech and few tech people) started asking me what cloud computing actually means. Well, I did my best to explain them about cloud computing based on their understanding capabilities. And then earlier today, I thought I should actually write up an article (basically a tutorial) that’s meant to give a proper understanding of cloud computing.

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So, here I’m waiting to provide the best possible resources that can help you understand what cloud computing actually mean. Check out the following youtube video to get fair understanding of cloud computing.

If you are still reading this, then you should probability check this out to get even better understanding of the cloud. (Recommended for non tech folks.)

Are you a technical person who has some fair understanding of the cloud and needs more technical info? If your answer is yes, then you should check this out.

Update: 5th Aug 2012

Here are some links that will help you understand the cloud computing basics. We shall add more articles instantly after publishing any articles related to cloud computing basics. So, make sure to bookmark this page for more updates.

Understanding Network Virtualization Basics

Update 21 Mar 2013

So, I hope you guys now have some very good understanding about the cloud computing. To make things much clearer, I’m adding few more videos that can help you understand cloud computing even better. When I think about a better video for you guys, the following video came to my mind. It seriously is an amazing video that talks about very basic concepts about the cloud computing and stuff. It’s a very long video though (comes around 75 minutes), so make sure to setup a proper environment before you start watching this video. And yap, have a pen / pencil with a notebook to note down the key terms and points you find in the video.

Alright, So I think I have added enough material here to give you guys basic understanding about the cloud computing basics. Don’t forget to share and bookmark our stuff if you really like it. Refer your friends to this URL if they want to learn cloud computing. From my side, I’ll do my best to add few more resources that can really really help you get started with cloud computing.


Share our stuff and help us grow. Need help to create something new or fix something old? Contact us to know if we can help 🙂

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  1. cj says:

    Creative enough.

  2. HEMA says:

    Simple and nice explanation. Too good .Thanks

  3. Yaseen says:

    Great Explanation for the beginners,
    Thnk u dear.

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