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How to Edit | Customize Smartjobboard Theme Templates

Smartjobboard is one of those super cool job boards available in the market. It offers various functionalities along with super amazing control over the back-end to customize things. I had an opportunity to check the jobboard few days ago. In this article I’m gonna share you some quick tips on how to edit your current smartjobboard template.

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After logging into your administrative account, on the left hand side, you should see the following menu that’s shown in the picture below.


Now, under “LAYOUT AND CONTEN” click on the link that says “edit templates”.

Quick tip: You can also click on “themes” link right below edit templates link and change to any other available themes.

Now, you should find the list of modules available in the theme. If you have any specific module to edit then click on the “edit” button right next to it. If you are looking to change the look and feel of the template, then you are most likely to mess with “main” and “menu” modules.

If you are looking to make changes to main theme, click on “main” module and edit “main.tpl” file. Make sure to have good understanding of “Smarty” (php template engine) before editing anything in the main.tpl file.

If you are looking to edit any specific header or footer part of the template, then edit the “menu” module from the ‘edit templates” page. Click on header.tpl page to edit header or footer.tpl page to edit the footer of the current active theme.

After clicking on any .tpl file, you should now find an online editor with the code linking to the .tpl page. Make changes to the code in the editor and click on “save” to save the .tpl file. Changes will take effect immediately after clicking on save. Try to refresh your main page to view the changes on your jobboard.

I hope this tutorial gave you basic understanding of editing Smartjobboard templates. If you need any advanced help, do leave a comment here with your primary email address. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Update 26th July2012:

Very recently I was asked to edit the featured jobs portion of the page from Smartjobboard. I know I have to mess up with some .tpl files to get the desired result, but the question was which tpl file. For the first couple of hours I struggled to find which file to edit to get the desired changes. And finally, I found this link that talks about flies to edit to change the home page preview. If you have similar problems, then you should find that page really helpful.

Share our stuff and help us grow. Need help to create something new or fix something old? Contact us to know if we can help 🙂

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