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Cloud Computing Companies Directory | Why Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Companies Directory

We at whycloudcomputing.net always wanted to have a directory of cloud computing companies to help people find right cloud computing service provider. Often at times (in fact we got this query couple of times), people ask us where they can find comprehensive list of cloud computing companies. We looked for resources around and found no particular website that takes care of this situation.

So, we decided to create our personal directory that lists all the cloud computing companies available all around the globe. So, here is a list of cloud computing companies we have managed to find so far. We know this list goes on and on and on. We will make sure to updated this directory on a regular basis.

By chance, if you are a cloud service provider, contact us to get your company listed on this directory.

Please note that we did not list these companies bases on popularity or total revenue generated. This list goes on in a random order.

Cloud Computing Companies Directory

1: Amazon Web Services (Popularly knows as AWS)
2: Citrix CloudPlatform
3: Microsoft SkyDrive
4: Salesforce Cloud
5: Google Cloud Platform
6: Google Drive
7: VMware
8: Verizon Cloud
9: Oracle Cloud
10: HP Cloud
11: Apple – iCloud
12: Dell Cloud
13: IBM Cloud Computing
14: CISCO Cloud
15: Intel Cloud Builders
16: Cognizant Cloud360
17: HCL Cloud
18: SAP Cloud
19: Joyent
20: Rackspace Cloud
21: Dropbox
22: NetApp

That’s all the list of cloud computing companies we have managed to find so far. We are pretty sure that this list grow up real quick and big. So, if you are a cloud service provider or if you work for some cloud computing company and want your company listed here, do contact us, we’ll be more than happy to list your company here.

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