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Cloud Computing Companies – What to look for? | Why Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Companies – What to look for?

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Understand that

Cloud Computing = Saving Money.
Cloud Computing = High Scalability.
Cloud Computing = Risk Involved.

Risks Involved

Data loss.
Server downtime.
Performance issues.

List of things

Here are the list of things you should look for while choosing a cloud service provider.

Data Security

Data is really important, give utmost priority to data security.

Ask them how they can secure your data.


If the good guys think the cloud is wonderful, so do the bad guys.
Ask the cloud service provider how they can improve performance by fighting DOS, virus and malware attacks from the bad guys.
Low Performance = Less Business.


Check for the uptime. Cloud service providers generally provide minimum of 99% up time. This is true with most of them and that’s essentially 1 hour down out of 100.

Low Availability = Less Business.

Disaster Recovery Plan

Always check for disaster recovery plan.

A good cloud service provider has a very good disaster recovery plan.

When a data server crashes, cloud recovery plan can help you recover the lost data in the server crash.

Service-level agreement (SLA)

Always check the SLA.

(SLA) is a contract between a network service provider and a customer.

It has all important details about service availability, performance benchmarks, concurrent usage and much more.


Check how good are they with customer support?

You can’t expect somebody to respond to your email query in 48 hours or more.

It’s not acceptable.

Bottom Line

Don’t follow the crowd.

Take time to investigate.

Hire a consultant if required.

Contact us if you need any help.


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