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AWS OpsWorks Basics Video Tutorial | Why Cloud Computing

AWS OpsWorks Basics Video Tutorial

It is said that Opsworks makes your life easier if you are to create a highly available cloud deployment. So, I started tweeking Amazon opsworks and today I’m here with a video tutorial that helped me understand opsworks better than any other opsworks basic tutorial available on youtube.

The following video will go though a sample deployment opswork procedure. To save some time, I recommend you to watch the video from 12:30 seconds. The demonstration shows how to deploy a sample php app. The full demonstration is not available, however you should find the tutorial useful!

The tutorial also shows you how the app is automatically deployed about a jenkins build test. It also talks about layers, chef recipes (both default and custom), creating a stack and creating layers, creating instances inside layers and lot more!

Introducing AWS OpsWork Basics Tutorial

AWS OpsWork Automation Basics Tutorial

The tutorial above talks about the basics of amazon opsworks but what’s makes this tutorial more interesting is that it will get into more details on chef recipes. Not so much, but, it will give you some good insight.

The video talks about the custom chef recipe steps that will carry on during a server deployment in a layer. The steps are SETUP, CONFIGURE, DEPLOY, UNDEPLOY, SHUTDOWN.

Setup chef recipes are run when the server is first booted.
Configure chef recipes are run every time the server booted.
Deploy chef recipes are run when an application is deployed.
Undeploy chef recipes will undo the previous chef deployment to bring everything back to normal state.
Shutdown chef recipes are deployed when a shutdown is requested.

The video also talks about time based and load based instance types in Amazon OpsWorks. A complete beginner video for OpsWorks users.

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